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The cost of buildings and new homes are risen beyond the reach of purchasers. Ekam Portacabins Pvt. Ltd. provides an economic, durable, portable cabins that people can afford. We have expanded our business by supplying quality prefabricated, portable cabins to our customers and have many successful commercial, industrial and residential projects completed across the country. Ekam Portacabins have advantages for those custromer who execute their work on different locations/ sites. Ekam portacabins are best in quality with excellent asthetics. We create exceptional value for our customers by understanding their needs and then providing the right quality products and service at the right time, right place

EKAM PORTACABINS Pvt. Ltd. have introduced GEP Panels which are quick and easy to install, light weight and compact when in packed stathence easy to transport, modular in nature to help construct bigger community shelters could be used in diverse geographical conditions and most importantly they are attractive, cost effective and energy efficient alternative to conventional construction like offices, residences, stores or security cabins.

These panels can be installed in any of the following ways:

GEP panels can be erected on a concrete floor slab in which connector studs have been embedded or constructed on level ground and stabilized with the ground anchorage. GEP Panels are then connected together and further fixed with connectors to form the walls and the road. It is possible to reuse the system and expand on the covered area as and when required.

GEP Panels can be installed on ready made floors made of timber, made of MS Plates or on MS Structure. These panels are suitable for installation on uneven ground or on raised floors.

GEP Panels form a composite well-bounded system of seven layers comprising of the following:
  • Protection layer of Poly Raisin with sand finish.
  • Galvanized metal sheet walling
  • Raisin bonding layer.
  • Medium density thermocole.
  • Gaisin Bonding Layer.
  • Galvanized Metal Sheet Walling
  • Protection layer of Poly Raisin with sand finish
These GEP Panels complete with all standard building regulation with regard to
  • C.K.D. System: These panels are based on C.K.D. System which means COMPLETE KNOCK DOWN system which means that they are totally reclaimable and reusable.
  • Thermal Insulation: These panels possess high thermal insulation property, best suited for snow bound area. GEP Panels insulate 20 times better than concrete and 8 times better than brick construction in only 1/3 thickness. Using GEP Panels can reduce the energy requirement for heating/ cooling by as much as 50%.
  • Aesthetic: All interior & exterior surfaces are plain and can receive all finishes.
  • Transportation Easy: Fully erected and anchored, construction with GEP Panels will withstand hurricane force winds. The system is designed to withstand earthquakes for seismic zone 5.
The Structure is fabricated out of standard materials to give minimum life of 25 years under normal circumstance and also guaranteed against storms, earthquake or such natural calamities except manmade arson, sabotage, etc. These are completely waterproof, termite proof, fire-resistant and weatherproof.

The cabins are equipped with doors, windows and AC/ Cooler openings. Small size can also be modified into security guard huts, toilets or kitchenettes as per specific requirements at additional cost.

We have installed hundreds of prefabricated structures for HPCL, BPCL, GAIL, NTPC, L&T and Other Public/ Private, Enterprises and Individuals throughout the country.

A Brochure giving complete details, such as material specifications, sizes and a list of recent users is also enclosed for your kind perusal.

We hope that you will find this information useful for the expansion of your existing accommodation, without infringing by-laws, or for future plans. However, for specific information or exact quotation, please send us requirement, place of installation and purpose.

At last we would like to mention herewith that we provide you very prompt service and one call from your side is enough to fulfill your requirement and save your most precious down time. It would be a pleasure to meet you to understand your requirement and to present to you what we have offer. We hope that you will find this information useful for expansion of your future plans and accommodation.